Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sigh Style Tips for Christmas Day: Ways To Wear / Tie A Scarf

A few hours from now, it will be Christmas Day! What better way to meet the most awaited day of the year is by sharing one of my favorite skills which is fashion styling.  For tonight, since Christmas is a cold season, I am sharing the different ways on how to wear / tie a scarf to beat this freezing weather.

Sigh Style Tips:


This is the most common, most basic way to use a scarf and put on the neck; and this is how to do it:
- Simply drape the scarf on the shoulder with both ends of the same length and then, you're done! - 

Below are some of the other ways on how to tie a scarf, with super easy instructions on how to get it done.


These are the steps to be done:
2.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder, with both ends on the same length.
2.2) Make a single easy knot, but loosen a bit.
2.3) Then make a ribbon and move the scarf a bit sideward - left or right, to create a side-swept look.


These are the steps to be done:
3.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder, with one end slightly longer than the other end.
3.2) Loop the longer end around your neck once.
3.3) Adjust the loop over the neck and balance out the ends of the scarf.  Ends can either be same length or slightly different depending on your preference.


Below are the very easy steps to be achieved:
4.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder with both ends of similar length.
4.2) Make a single, easy knot and drape the ends at the center of your top - blouse or shirt.

Hope to have shared another useful fashion style tips.

- a closer look of the side ribbon scarf -

What I Wore:
polka dot scarf - Chic Vintage
denim jeggings - Jag
aqua blouse with fringe  & fluted-hem long blouse worn underneath - Cyecle
black and white long sleeve top - Purple Tea 
black sequined baseball cap -G.Fiesta Mall Department Store (Men's section)
white pumps - Payless 
black glittery sneakers - Follie @ G. Metro Department Store
black square-lens  sunglasses - G.Country Mall Department Store
aqua sunglasses - Aldo
earrings - Siam Street Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand


Live in style, everyday!

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