Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lately, Still in Black and White

Change is inevitable, as they say. 

Yes, I do agree to it and we can always succumb to what ever changes our lives has to offer.  However, fashion-wise, my love for the black and white color combination remains steadfast and impregnable.  Hence, where ever I may be in our planet we call Earth, you certainly can snap a candid photograph of me with my shades on and in that shrewd, rather artsy, black and white ensemble.

What I Wore:

fitted short-sleeve top - Eten  worn underneath the 
black sleeveless long top with goose appliqué - Moschino Cheap and Chic
cropped wide-leg stripe b/w pants - unbranded
white flats - Gibi Shoes
sunglasses - Gaisano Country Mall
earrings - Parfois

I guess I am back on track again.  
Do keep coming back for my black and white personal style stories.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Why I Did It, How I Did It

I read a quote from the world wide web that I got interested in:

" At first they will ask why you're doing it, later they'll ask how you did it."

The quote best fits my fetish for clothing and avocation in fashion styling, be it personal or styling for other individuals.

WHY Questions they Asked:
1. Why buy clothes and shoes unceasingly when you already have a number of those?
2. Why dress-up atypically and unconventionally than the rest of the other ladies?
3. Why you do fashion styling for free?

So many questions, which I have the prerogative to answer them with only a smile.

And then when they realized I was consistent and upbeat with my preferences and fashion appetite, so they begin asking  HOW questions:

1. How you look nonchalant and pleasing despite donning motley of wearable apparel and adornments?
2. How do you manage to look effortless despite obviously taking effort in dressing-up?
3. How do you maintain the spirit of volunteerism in fashion styling for other individuals?

Those were just a few of the questions thrown to me which I still  answer them with my widest sincere beam, leaving them freedom for free interpretation.

Fashion Experiment:
Layering Black and White with Black then White

black white stretch dress - Esse / black cropped jacket with rose appliques on the sleeves - Mags / white dress w/ belt worn as long cardigan - Net International / hat - Sigh Styles closet - / espadrille shoes - Suys Fashion / necklace - Celine

Friday, September 2, 2016

Today, I Quote

I am at my best....
when my interests and confidence collide.

- quoted from my Rotters Exam taken on April 18, 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Black and White Euphoria

The color black and white is not a linear expression of bliss and all things synonymous to happy.  Black solidly connotes darkness and white may symbolize somehow for emptiness.

Big question is, does my fondness for this dual contrasting hue partnership clamor the status quo of my level of happiness?

Happiness for me is not solely manifested in the choice of colors we wear on a day to day basis.  Happiness should not be isolated to the "jovial" hues of yellow and everything else seen  from the spectrum of the rainbow.  Because even though wearing black or white or black-and-white seems dull and melancholic, but, being on the color combination proffers an immeasurable sense of euphoria.

Black and White color combination ensures myself a sense of balance between calm and chaos, high and low, strong and weak and all those sorts of contrasts.  And would you agree and believe that when there is balance in life, happiness apparently follows.

Fashion Experiment:
Wearing my oversized polka dots dress-top as maxi skirt with the real LBD underneath and worn as a top.  

Live in style, everyday!