Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Black and White Euphoria

The color black and white is not a linear expression of bliss and all things synonymous to happy.  Black solidly connotes darkness and white may symbolize somehow for emptiness.

Big question is, does my fondness for this dual contrasting hue partnership clamor the status quo of my level of happiness?

Happiness for me is not solely manifested in the choice of colors we wear on a day to day basis.  Happiness should not be isolated to the "jovial" hues of yellow and everything else seen  from the spectrum of the rainbow.  Because even though wearing black or white or black-and-white seems dull and melancholic, but, being on the color combination proffers an immeasurable sense of euphoria.

Black and White color combination ensures myself a sense of balance between calm and chaos, high and low, strong and weak and all those sorts of contrasts.  And would you agree and believe that when there is balance in life, happiness apparently follows.

Fashion Experiment:
Wearing my oversized polka dots dress-top as maxi skirt with the real LBD underneath and worn as a top.  

Live in style, everyday!

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