Thursday, October 13, 2011

Polka Dots Do Come in Black and White

 I may not have self-declared favorite color or colors but  I always end up getting dressed in a fusion that never wears out in fashion.  The never-fading black and white mishmash is never amiss. Plus, the spots that comes in, always, in black and white combo.

 It was raining cats and dogs, a not-so-good morning to start for a 9.6 hours sedentary work. (I planned to get hooked at my desktop for some cardinal to-do's, so I prefer to be in a somber color.

 I gave my other closet a once-over, and there I spotted some clothes that have rested for quite sometime and so I don them for work.

wearing: black and white polka dot cropped hooded jacket - thrifted, black dress - random, polka dot shoes - G. Fiesta, black watch - Nike, black and white netbook sleeve - Maze @ Ayala, sunglasses - SM Naga City

I seldom expose my gams at my workplace, so I left the house with my legs covered with my favorite staple, the leggings.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Work with Pink

I love this shade of pink on my cellphone and netbook.  

I think its close to old rose.  It's pink = girly but not flashy, perfect for a professional.  Fits for my generation too ( me, a product of the 80's).  I 'work' (do net researcher for my daytime work, do blogging for past time, play Angry Birds now, but was a Plants vs. Zombies addict, do updating my online shop (known by a few) in my mini offiice, inside my yellow bedroom with my pink hp mini and pink blackberry curve.  Guess what, both gadgets are sponsored by special individuals in my small circle.  

Even with my gadgets, I embed color coordination in my selection.  In my mini office, I am facing the wall, painted in yellow and decorated with wall stickers (still with the color pink) and photos that inspire me to do the best for my --- days. 

HP mini 110, thanks to my dad!  Pink Blackberry, thanks to my 'partner-in-crime', my soon to be business partner.  If not for them, I could not have the chance to get hold of these.  

Thanks to my special sponsors! lol.  But really, I thank them with deep sincerity.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Experiment: Stripe meets Polka

Anything in black with white polka dots on it is something that catches my attention.  
One ordinary wet market day, I stopped at a nearby thrift shop and got my eyes hooked on a petite-sized balloon black-white polka dot skirt and haggled it at Php 40.00.  I knew it will not fit me but I will have it definitely repaired.  Only a few months later that I got to wear this skirt. I had put garter on the waist and added a few inches of black cloth on the sides to actually fit on it.

Fashion Experiment:
Stripe and Polka Dots, of course in my favorite black and white color combo.

wearing: stripe black-white top - thrifted, black-white polka dot skirt - reworked, thrifted, black belt - G.Main, black sling bag - Fila, red flats - bought in Shanghai, China, necklace with "D' pendant - bought in Nanjing Road Shanghai, China, Swatch "cozy balloons" watch - gifted by sis from Geneva, Switzerland, bracelets - Aizilym, from provincial trips in Pagudpud and Baguio

Some fashion-indulgents are rockin' this clothing mix.
 this is the closest look to mine via glamcanyon

via the glamourai

hers is the vice-versa: polka on top of stripes - via B.Jones Style

Are you for this patterns and color mix?

Friday, April 29, 2011

White is the New Black

Purity + Minimalism =WHITE
Let's pave the way for  spring / summer 2011's ultimate color.

 the runways are taken over by this color

 bloggers are wearing the color too...

Are you in for white?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Closet, The Pandas

My mom transferred me to a new room and that includes a new closet,
not that small but not that big either.
btw, this is just one of the closets in the room

and oh, i love pandas...
i thought they originated from Australia, my bad.
These pandas were gifted by my dad from one of his trips in China.

black and white floral top - thrifted
black tierred tutu-like skirt with white lace - thrifted

Monday, January 24, 2011

Polka Dot on my Feet

Finally found myself a pair of polka dot flats, in my favorite black and white combo. 
Playing with our chinese parols, one morning before I left for work.

magenta knit blouse - random
black vest with lace trimmings - thrifted
black leggings - random
polka dot flats - G. Fiesta