Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trend Alert: Spring 2016 - Chest Bow

Spring is over and Fall is taking over.  
But I just want to review one of Spring 2016 trend: CHEST BOW.

I was reminded of this trend when I decided to wear one of my purchases from my vintage hauling sessions.  I was late to know that the top that I picked and bought was on trend last spring season.  

The topmost reason of taking this top home was because of the top's length that flows beyond my hips. Second reason was because the fabric was stretchable and third was due to the ostentatious oversize ribbon on the chest which was bonus for me.

 When given a choice, I have a propensity of opting for something complex, flamboyant at times and highly saturated, rather than the no-frills and plain-vanilla.  Life is short, ditch any fashion inhibitions. The look above is a demonstration of this statement.

It's almost Christmas, do I look ready for the merry-making season?  The bow says it all.

What I Wore:
top - Palacio de Fashion / leggings - Knits and Stripes (same HERE) / kimono-style cardigan - Mote (same HERE) / sling bag - Brera Art Lab (same HERE) / sneakers - Natasha (same HERE) / sunglasses - Aldo

Live in style, everyday!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Discovering Brera

I have a new product brand discovery and the name of the brand is BRERA (Art Lab) made in Italy.

The brand BRERA  (Art Lab) is honestly very strange to me.  I have no single idea, nor heard about BRERA until I scored this precious gem from one of the vintage (possible second-hand or pre-loved) shops in one of the malls in Mandaue City.  The store sells branded vintage pieces like bags and clothes and is now a favorite of mine as I have bought another bag from their store recently- for myself and for my mom-  and definitely will be frequently dropping by to do some shopping in this vintage hub.  The sales lady has already known me by face and was generous enough to give me ample discounts with my purchases. 

I am not a bag lover and I have been repeatedly declaring this, as I am more of a clothes and shoes addict.  I seldom  buy bags for myself.  My arms are always wide open when it comes to bags as I receive gifts or hand-me-downs from either my sister or my mom.  It is always a surprise when all of a sudden I do shopping for bags.  

With sight of this purple-fuchsia-magenta color combo and that artsy design on the front of the bag, despite the price was quite high as I expected, but I went impulsive, more when I knew it was on 50% off sale. At first, I was somehow in doubt with the price but nevertheless, I got the bills from my pocket and paid without haggling as I was in so much awe with the design and the quality of the bag.  The sling bag never looked shabby, nor used, nor antiquated.  It was in perfect condition, just like a brand new item up for grabs.

I have not yet reached the official website of BRERA Art Lab, but their social media page in facebook did confirm how creatively and beautifully the bags are designed.  I am more amazed now. Kudos to the team who gave birth to the  brainchild of BRERA Art Lab.

What I Wore:
fuchsia dress (same HERE) - Never Been Kissed @ Robinsons Department Store / polka dot top (same HERE) - Cyecle /  fuchsia patent leather pumps - Payless / sling bag - Brera Art Lab / black stretch belt - SM Ladies Department Store / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / pearl drop earrings - gifted by my mom

I am now on a lookout for anything BRERA Art Lab.  I wish to own another BRERA Art Lab bag to satisfy my art cravings in a bag format.

Live in style, everyday!

Friday, October 16, 2015

1 Heart Dress, 2 Ways

My love for black and white is a public knowledge, as I have the propensity to almost always put on this color combination.  Upon having a sight of a heart print dress with the heart colored in white and laid out in a black contrast, I was certainly sure it will come home with me, and it did.  The immediate photo below that I grabbed from the internet is similar to my choice as to the print but differs on the hemline.

Whenever I purchase an apparel, I always ensure to maximize its intended function.  With my love for clothing and styling, I have fabricated a vault of fashionable imaginations on how to dress-up a dress, as in this new addition to my wardrobe.  See below as to how I styled my black and white heart dress.

Well you may have noticed that I have never posted a photo wearing no-sleeves outfit, simply because it is not my preference.  So when I purchased this dress, I disregarded the fact that it is a sleeveless dress, there a many ways how to address that concern.  I am also giving ideas on how to amplify the value of sleeveless dress, aside from wearing it as it is.

How To Dress-up with a B/W Heart Dress
How to Maximize a Sleeveless Dress

Styling No. 1
I wore the dress a it is, but covered it up with a black sheer kimono-style bolero and cinched it with a belt.  Matched the color combination of the dress with a black and white flats.

Styling No. 2
The other option of wearing the heart dress and not worrying that it is a sleeveless dress, is to wear a sleeve top underneath of the dress, and instantly you have a jumper dress!

Hope to have shared practical fashion ideas to maximize the use of a sleeveless dress.

What I Wore:
heart dress - G. Fiesta Mall / white top with heart appliques on the sleeves - Palacio de Fashion / white stretch belt - Landmark in Makati / wedge - Chinese Laundry / sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall

What I Wore:
heart dress - G. Fiesta Mall / black sheer bolero - Palacio de Fashion / silver stretch belt - G. Country Mall / black and white flats - Belongse / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / bag - Louise Vuitton / pearl drop earrings - gifted by my mom

Live in style, everyday!

10 Great Shopping Destinations in Bangkok

My 5-day vacation in Bangkok, Thailand did not end when our plane took off from the Land of Smiles.  The vacation was not left forgotten nor was just being stored in my memory.  It was shared, it was made known to many. I have had the best chance to impart my happy experiences to a lot of people and most especially gave a guide on where to shop - for fashion items - in Bangkok.  Having been to Thailand for the fourth time, see HERE, there's still more to see, more to experience, more to taste, more to explore, more to discover but I felt that it was the absolute time to publicize, to promote, to broadcast how amazing Thailand is in my own little ways.

Sun Star featured my trip in their Shopping Bag section on November 28, 2014 and entitled it as 

Thank you to Ms. Kara.

The photos below were the shots that made it on print.

Here's a recap of the 10 great shopping destinations I have explored and enjoyed during my October 2014 vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.

1.) If you want to experience grandeur and be in many places at one time, check out TERMINAL 21

2.) Siam Paragon houses the premium and luxury goods and one of the biggest malls in Asia, see more HERE.

3.) CentralWorld is a mega-shopping plaza in Bangkok and is the 6th largest shopping complex in the world and it offers one of the most exciting shopping experiences in Bangkok, see more HERE.

4.) ZEN Department Store at Central World is a seven-level megastore catering especially to trendy, young-at-heart shoppers and to those who appreciate world class style and fashion, see more HERE.

5.) Platinum Fashion Mall is Thailand's largest wholesale and retail fashion mall and it is like an indoor version of Chatuchak Weekend Market, see more HERE.

6.) Victory Monument for daylight street market and anything affordable yet stylish clothing.

7.) MBK Shopping Center is an eight-level shopping mall known as Bangkok's most legendary shopping mall to both locals and tourists, see HERE.  

8.)  Siam Center The Ideapolis is now dubbed as the Fashion Mall for the seriously cool, see more HERE.
Along side this mall is 9.) Siam Discovery.

10.) Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment area in the Siam District of Bangkok. It has been newly renovated and it now houses the most kawaii themed cafe I have ever seen yet, Hello Kitty House - Cafe, Spa and Store in 1.

'Til my next Bangkok escapade!

Travel, Go shopping, and Live in style, everyday!