Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Black and White Euphoria

The color black and white is not a linear expression of bliss and all things synonymous to happy.  Black solidly connotes darkness and white may symbolize somehow for emptiness.

Big question is, does my fondness for this dual contrasting hue partnership clamor the status quo of my level of happiness?

Happiness for me is not solely manifested in the choice of colors we wear on a day to day basis.  Happiness should not be isolated to the "jovial" hues of yellow and everything else seen  from the spectrum of the rainbow.  Because even though wearing black or white or black-and-white seems dull and melancholic, but, being on the color combination proffers an immeasurable sense of euphoria.

Black and White color combination ensures myself a sense of balance between calm and chaos, high and low, strong and weak and all those sorts of contrasts.  And would you agree and believe that when there is balance in life, happiness apparently follows.

Fashion Experiment:
Wearing my oversized polka dots dress-top as maxi skirt with the real LBD underneath and worn as a top.  

Live in style, everyday!

Monday, August 29, 2016


My little black and white dress.

This dress as seen online via littleemilyshop.com

Live in style, everyday!

Total Black and White

Black and White is my eternal best-loved color combination.

And to show how I am dearly so into this color combo, I wore it one time completely head-to-toe.

Do you love black and white?  Share your classic and fashionable  stories wearing black and white.

What I Wore:
dress - Something Borrowed by ZALORA PH / mary jane t-pumps - Cardams / bag - Kenneth Cole Reaction / black stretch belt - White Gold Department Store / pearl-chain necklace - SighStyles closet / pearl accessory earrings - Siam Street Night Market / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / gold bracelet with South Sea pearl pendant - gifted by mom

Live in style, everyday!

Sunday Style: Retro Pink

It has been awhile since I have posted what I have worn for Sunday mass. I went head to to toe in pink and with a retro vibes this time.

Wearing baby pink and fuchsia shades of pink, from the sunglassess to the flats.

For this Sunday, I opted for something almost vintage.  The style - the semi-puff, quarter-sleeves and pleats on the wasistline - and print of the dress is a reminiscent of the recent past era, some 20 years ago perhaps.  See for yourself and decide what period of time this dress have been designed and sewn.

 What I Wore:
dress - Park Mallshoes - G. Capital SRPstack bangles - SM Accessories Kids; sunglasses & belt - G. Country Mall

Happy Sunday!

Live in style, everyday!

Double Take

Be bold, be experimental, be dashing to embrace complexities.

In fashion, I am always drawn to the more complex, more ornamental / exaggerated and inconvenient side of it.  And my personal style is somewhat defined to the mentioned descriptions.

If you find my outfit a bit daring, in the sense that not everyone can wear this kind of two dimensional top, my personality is the exact opposite of my fashion preferences.  I am a reserved type of person, you can call me introvert but my personal fashion style can loudly speak on my behalf.  See below a quote from stylist, Rachel Zoe, she is indeed right.  My style is basically a description of my creative self.

 I love dressing-up in uncommon ways but I seldom do go out to socialize and interact with the other congenial human beings, as I prefer being in my room and indulge in my creative outlets and then go to sleep.

The dress has a Double Take impact.  Do you agree? Upon a look at my top, a double take reaction (a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction) is made by my "audience".

Sigh's Fashion Advice:
Wear what you like and like what you wear.  
Try to explore the spunky side of yourself, you'll never know, you'll be surprised.
Inject confidence, boost your self-esteem and just be your true self.  Everything else will follow.

What I Wore:
black & white + pink top - Purple Tea @ APM Mall / cropped jacket - Cyecle / denim skinny jeans - Forever 21 / fuchsia pumps - Payless Shoes / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

Live in style, everyday!

Shades Of Pink In Verdant Fields

If I am not wearing black and white, I go for pink.
Here's me, in one of my business travels, in a head-to-foot shades of pink ensemble.

 From head-to-toe shades of the femme hue:
 cap in baby pink, blazer in carnation pink, pants in magenta, and slippers in fuchsia.

Thanks to Danifer for the photos.

What I Wore:
t-shirt - Guess / magenta stretch pants - Melvin / pink blazer - Alturas Department Store in Tagbilaran, City / thong slippers - Melissa / bag - Coach / cap - from Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Live in style, everyday!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Style: Black and White Kind of Day

Black and White is a forever color palette that I am so in love.

And when going to church to hear mass on Sundays or other days of the week, it is most appropriate to wear your best Sunday dress in a modest length and style, plus the color combination of black and white does not create optical distraction and imparts a classic, refined style.

I can always, and if everyday permits, wear black and white (head-to-toe) and which definitely will go on forever.

The appliques of the dress and the unique collar and that ribbon on the center attracted me to purchase the dress without hesitation.  Aside from having sewn in my favorite color, there is an intertwining of beauty and art in this lovely fashion piece.  I love embellishments and eccentricities in my clothes and I am certain that this dress can withstand years and years of fashion evolution.

What I Wore:
black and white dress with white butterfly appliques - Le Pucci
black sheer blouse underneath the dress - my closet
white pumps - Payless Shoes
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall Department Store
black straw hat - Cyecle
pearl drop earring - gifted by my mom

Live in style, everyday!

Sigh Style Tips for Christmas Day: Ways To Wear / Tie A Scarf

A few hours from now, it will be Christmas Day! What better way to meet the most awaited day of the year is by sharing one of my favorite skills which is fashion styling.  For tonight, since Christmas is a cold season, I am sharing the different ways on how to wear / tie a scarf to beat this freezing weather.

Sigh Style Tips:


This is the most common, most basic way to use a scarf and put on the neck; and this is how to do it:
- Simply drape the scarf on the shoulder with both ends of the same length and then, you're done! - 

Below are some of the other ways on how to tie a scarf, with super easy instructions on how to get it done.


These are the steps to be done:
2.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder, with both ends on the same length.
2.2) Make a single easy knot, but loosen a bit.
2.3) Then make a ribbon and move the scarf a bit sideward - left or right, to create a side-swept look.


These are the steps to be done:
3.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder, with one end slightly longer than the other end.
3.2) Loop the longer end around your neck once.
3.3) Adjust the loop over the neck and balance out the ends of the scarf.  Ends can either be same length or slightly different depending on your preference.


Below are the very easy steps to be achieved:
4.1) Drape the scarf over the shoulder with both ends of similar length.
4.2) Make a single, easy knot and drape the ends at the center of your top - blouse or shirt.

Hope to have shared another useful fashion style tips.

- a closer look of the side ribbon scarf -

What I Wore:
polka dot scarf - Chic Vintage
denim jeggings - Jag
aqua blouse with fringe  & fluted-hem long blouse worn underneath - Cyecle
black and white long sleeve top - Purple Tea 
black sequined baseball cap -G.Fiesta Mall Department Store (Men's section)
white pumps - Payless 
black glittery sneakers - Follie @ G. Metro Department Store
black square-lens  sunglasses - G.Country Mall Department Store
aqua sunglasses - Aldo
earrings - Siam Street Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand


Live in style, everyday!

Fashion Styling Concept: Bohemian Glamour

Christmas season is never complete without having to attend even a single Christmas party.  And one of the most awaited Christmas parties that I attended this year was our company's party which was to be held by division or by department. In our case, we prepared for a department party only since we do not belong officially to a certain division as we are directly reporting to the President & CEO of the company.  With this, we were at an advantage of being able to conceptualize anything under the sky and made it happen the way we imagined it to be.

And so, we agreed to take the BOHEMIAN concept and entitled our party as BOHEMIAN FLAIR.  To complete the concept, each one of us had to be in our most Bohemian-looking outfit.  And see below for the outfit that I have decided to strut on the party.

Foremost, let me define first what B O H E M I A N means..(via Pinterest)
(n.) Gypsy, Wanderer. A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free-spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love.

 This was quite an unflattering photo, but this was the only most decent solo photo of mine that was captured.   We had a fashion walk to allow the judges to look over at our outfits and to judge how we  model on the catwalk.  Oh, I forgot to mention, the outfit and the modeling was a contest.  Yes, a contest.   And it soaked up us all in a "temporary intoxicating" pressure.

The list below were the awards that were declared:

- outstanding male, most participative, best dressed male, "head turner" -
- outstanding female, most participative, best dressed female, "head turner" -

- best catwalk during the fashion show -
- male with the best Bohemian/Boho outfit -
BEST BOHEMIAN OUTFIT - Female category
- female with the best Bohemian / Boho outfit -

 But can you think of what concept I had in mind in pulling off this look?  
I called my ensemble as BOHEMIAN GLAMOUR.

Here's a decoding of my BOHEMIAN GLAMOUR look:

1.) The dress - which was the centerpiece, was of multi-print vibrant flowy dress, typical peasant style off-shoulder neckline; length was maxi and I have to slice the dress on one side for ease on my strides and to inject a mod-chic style.
2.) The accessories - which gave more jazziness to the ensemble, was a conspicuous display of a well-coordinated in color and in material (f.y.i. color coherence is part of my fashion advocacy) trinkets that can sum up to femme elegance style (this is a self-declared personal style delineation) and that pink turban that shouted "boho" at its fineness.
3.) The shoes  - a semi-boot cut wedge sandal with ample fringe - will always complete a look, and the pair I donned did its job  seamlessly.  The fringe is a staple of Bohemian style.  Not to mention the fuchsia color of the footwear that perfectly coordinated with the dress and the rest of the accessories.

The most essential facet in my look, is my personal fashion advocacy - see HERE -, which on a daily basis (when not in uniforms) is being carried through, of Color Coherence / Color Coordination and Elegant Experimentation.

What I Wore:
maxi dress - G. Capital SRP Department Store
pink turban - Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand
wedge fringe sandals - Kay in Hong Kong
peach feather / faux diamond + chain earrings - XOXO
"Love" earrings - Siam Street Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand
faux pink crystals+ stones  ring - Bellagio in Las Vegas, U.S.A.
long chain necklace - Forever 21
stretch bangles - SM Accessories
gold + black stretch belt - G. Country Mall Department Store

What I Wore:
scent - Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Blush Fragrance Mist
lipstick - Wet & Wild 511B Nouveau Pink / Nouveau Rose
nail color (pedicure) - fuchsia pink - Caronia (Stellar frosted) & gold  - Chic-Chic Mirror Nail Polish
make-up by Dani Shei 

And I went home not totally empty-handed as I bagged the BOHEMIAN PRINCESS award with this cute customized trophy and a little envelope with a quite substantial cash.

Here's a photo of the group:

Hope to have shared another fashion styling concept that you can take inspiration with on your next themed parties.

Live in style, everyday!