Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seeing Spots

 Polka dots never bore me. I so forever love this pattern in either black-on-white combo or the vice versa.

Fashion Lesson:

Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters.

The ugly frog is transformed into a handsome and dapper prince by a simple, heartfelt kiss. He becomes beautiful because the princess believes he is so, a sentiment also reflected throughout fashion's history. The tale of the polka dot is no different; it's troubled childhood took place during the medieval era, where it became infamous for its visual comparison to the scattered and circular appearance of measles, boils and other infections. At the height of the renaissance, the polka dot began to earn a more tolerable reputation in cosmetics in a trend known as "patching." Also referred to as "moucheron," which translates from French into "little fly," patching involved  women strategically attaching circular pieces of fabric to cover up facial blemishes. 
It was the 20th century that truly saw the beginning of the polka dot's lasting role in fashion history. In 1928, Micky Mouse's female companion, Minnie, was born in the Walt Disney illustration studio dressed in a polka dot skirt, a trademark of the animated icon. During the 1940's and '50s, the polka dot graced the gowns of female celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, during the same time period Christian Dior began to release his notable hourglass dresses in spotted prints. The polka dot dress became a staple for Lucille Ball's wardrobe in I Love Lucy. Gaining global recognition, the polka dot has not looked back towards it's troubled past. Time has only brought continuous success to the polka dot; Marvel comic books created a superhero in its likeliness, Mr. Polka Dot! And how can we forget Brian Hyland's 1960 hit "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"? To this day, the polka dot makes a continuous appearance in fashion week. It's a favorite motif among designers such as Rei Kawakubo of Comme Des GarconsMiuccia Prada and Stella McCartney. In a documented meeting between Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kasama, the Japanese visual artist gave the fashion designer a rendition of his own Louis Vuitton bag decorated in her signature polka dot cascade. While the exchange signified a collaboration that could have been but never was,  Kasama's influence can still be seen in Jacob's Fall 2011 collection. 

Here's me wearing ALMOST head-to-toe in polka dots.

 It was a windy night.  Loved the breezy fresh cold air.  
But look who wears sunglasses at night?
about the outfit:
blazer - NCCC Mall, Davao / polka dot tee - Baclaran / polka dot skirt - Chic Vintage / polka dot flats - G. Fiesta / polka dot purse - Anna Sui / sunglasses - SM Naga City / photo frame necklace - sigh D.I.Y.

Can you dare to wear polka dots from head-to-toe?

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