Monday, August 29, 2016

Double Take

Be bold, be experimental, be dashing to embrace complexities.

In fashion, I am always drawn to the more complex, more ornamental / exaggerated and inconvenient side of it.  And my personal style is somewhat defined to the mentioned descriptions.

If you find my outfit a bit daring, in the sense that not everyone can wear this kind of two dimensional top, my personality is the exact opposite of my fashion preferences.  I am a reserved type of person, you can call me introvert but my personal fashion style can loudly speak on my behalf.  See below a quote from stylist, Rachel Zoe, she is indeed right.  My style is basically a description of my creative self.

 I love dressing-up in uncommon ways but I seldom do go out to socialize and interact with the other congenial human beings, as I prefer being in my room and indulge in my creative outlets and then go to sleep.

The dress has a Double Take impact.  Do you agree? Upon a look at my top, a double take reaction (a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction) is made by my "audience".

Sigh's Fashion Advice:
Wear what you like and like what you wear.  
Try to explore the spunky side of yourself, you'll never know, you'll be surprised.
Inject confidence, boost your self-esteem and just be your true self.  Everything else will follow.

What I Wore:
black & white + pink top - Purple Tea @ APM Mall / cropped jacket - Cyecle / denim skinny jeans - Forever 21 / fuchsia pumps - Payless Shoes / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

Live in style, everyday!

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