Friday, January 20, 2012

The Color Black

Here's another vintage top from I Dress Up's Vintage Light Collection.

It's an oversized ( because it best fits large frames) sheer button-down long-sleeve blouse with bold black stripes that appear as thick pin stripes. 

The color black is often seen as a color of sophistication, as in 'the little black dress', or 'the black tie event'. Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence. 
Black is often associated with sexiness and seduction, as in the temptress in sexy black lingerie creating an air of mystery and intrigue.
In color psychology, black means power and control, hanging on to information and things rather than giving out to others. 

Positive and Negative Traits of the Color Black
Positive keywords include protection and comfort, strong, contained, formal, sophisticated, seductive, mysterious, endings & beginnings.
Negative keywords include aloof, depressing and pessimistic, secretive and withholding, conservative and serious, power & control, sadness and negativity. 

The Color Black Represents
Mystery: Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its real feelings.
Power and Control: Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation.

Effects of the Color Black
Formal, dignified and sophisticated: As in the little black dress and the formal dinner suit.
Aloof: Black sets itself aside from others with its heavy and intense energy. It keeps others at arm's length.
Depressing: Black can close us to the positive aspects of life, forcing us to look at our disappointments and the black or negative aspects of our life. It can create a fear of the future.
Pessimistic: Too much black encourages us to look at the negative side of life.

I can never get enough of my "headache pose". :-)

 There are so many fashionable ways to wear this top. My styling is the most simple among the long list of "how-to-style-the-black-sheer-top".

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