Monday, January 16, 2012

The Color Pink

Let's talk 'bout color psychology, beginning with THE COLOR PINK

In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.
 The Color Pink Represents:
Unconditional love: Pink relates to both unconditional love and romantic love.
Compassion: Empathy and understanding are the fuel for pink's nurturing.
Nurturing: Pink is both the giving and the receiving of love, understanding and respect.
Hope: Pink inspires the possibility of a positive outcome.
 Effects of the Color Pink:
Calming: Pink calms our emotional energies.
Non-threatening: Pink lacks any aggression or anger, although the deeper pinks can be more assertive and confident.
Affectionate: Pink offers warmth and tenderness to friends and family.
Caring: Sensitivity and tender loving care relate to pink's feminine and intuitive energies.
Immature: Pink is the color of the sweet young girl, before life's experiences take over.
Variations of the Color Pink
Blush: Similar to skin color, this very pale pink has sensual and sexual connotations. It is non-threatening but lacks passion and energy.
Rose Pink: This is the pink of universal love and unity. It is mature, feminine and intuitive.
Salmon Pink: There is a touch of orange in salmon pink. It encourages the flirt, and can be a sign of the timid lover, all talk and no play.
Orchid: This is an unusual lavender-pink and relates to the unconventional and the individual doing his or her own thing. It is the non conformist.
Fuchsia: A blend of deep pink and blue, fuchsia inspires confidence, assurance and maturity, a more responsible and controlled nurturing and love.
Hot Pink: Hot pink inspires a more passionate, playful and sensual love. It exudes warmth and happiness and a love of life.

Fashionable Clue:
Combining pink with other darker colors such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.

As I mixed a little fuchsia to my black ensemble...tada! Sophistication achieved  with just this simple color-coordinated look.

about my outfit
polka dot + fuchsia blouse - Chic Vintage/ black twill shorts - random / blazer - NCCC Mall, Davao / black + fuchsia shoes - Mags / gold necklaces - Iora, Forever 21 / sunglasses - SM Naga City / fuchsia belt - YRYS

more of color psychology in my upcoming posts...

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