Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Peg: Women in Baseball

It's been years I guess since my last post on "My Peg" series.  And tonight, I'm reviving it.  

This outfit that I'm about to share was  planned as it was one of the outfits for a black and white photo shoot, but unintentionally planned to be reminiscent of baseball players.  As I have scrolled over and over, these pictures did remind me of the baseball sport.

My Peg: Women in Baseball

See the fashion evolution of baseball uniform for the women.

What I am Wearing:
Black cap from Puma; long sleeve sweatshirt and polka dot pants from Chic Vintage; necklace from Y.R.Y.S.; wedge from a Korean shop

Would you agree that my outfit do remind you of baseball players?

Have a good night to all!

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