Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to Wear Black and White

Yesterday, I attended a whole day seminar relative to my profession.  Since I know this is one of those events that requires more dormancy than action i.e, sitting the entire time is expected.  So I decide to wear something comfortable without sacrificing my personal style. 

I am most attached to black and white, my closet is filled with apparels of the color combo. What I wore yesterday is a demonstration of how to wear black and white effortlessly yet chic.

 In events like this, I tend to wear my not-so-usual type of footwear.  I go for heels, kitten heels in exact.

I have always been opened to how much I am in awe with the black and white color palette, as seen HERE.

To break the monochromatic appeal of the black and white color concotion, I opted for a brown bag, another neutral color to match my classic ensemble.

Gold accessories added sophistication to my outfit.

What I Wore:

Top - Cyecle
Cropped pants - G. Fiesta Mall
T-strap B/W mary janes - Cardam's Shoes
Bag - Nine West
Accessories - Pop Art at ATC 
Sunglasses - SM Kids

Are you in to the black and white color combo?

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