Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Year, New Realizations, New Plans

The new year is here, time for building new plans and realizing the long list of to-do's.
Last month of December, I admit I did something great.  I never thought I could achieve such.  It took me decades, literally, to accomplish it.  And I am more grateful to the Almighty God for helping me out so much.  And such accomplishment lead my 2014 to the most upright path.
I have several realizations when I welcomed the new year.
I realize, I should continue doing what I love.  Apart from my day job, I have other interests which fulfills my hunger for the arts and of course, fashion.   
Looking back 2013, reminiscing the forecasts of Feng Shui masters, last year was not my year. and even this year, some of them say it's not good others say it'll be okay.  And I realize that I should not allow myself to be drawn into such conclusions.  May it be true or not,  I should go on with what I believe what I ought to do.
I am the type person who lives life day-to-day.  I do look forward for the future but I am more committed to what is in today, checking from time to time if I have been doing things according to what my heart yearns and of course with God's will.
For 2014, I bravely plan to pursue my yesterday's dream, especially my other styling, photography, fashion merchandising, charity works, and all those activities that I have been itching to be into action.
My day job would still be there and my efforts for it would still exceed what is expected from me. 
I am ecstatic to act on all my plans for this year.  I have started some, not one buy one, but simultaneous as possible as I can.  I sincerely pray for God's guidance.  And I hope that this enthusiasm should remain as warm from the beginning as it should be in the end of the year.  I envisioned the prosperous fulfillment of the desires of my heart this 2014.

what I wear:
black and white chiffon top - Chic Vintage / twill shorts - my closet /gold sneakers - Juice / sunglasses - SM / necklace - Genevieve Gozum / belt - Landmark

Photos taken by my dear sister

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