Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Work with Pink

I love this shade of pink on my cellphone and netbook.  

I think its close to old rose.  It's pink = girly but not flashy, perfect for a professional.  Fits for my generation too ( me, a product of the 80's).  I 'work' (do net researcher for my daytime work, do blogging for past time, play Angry Birds now, but was a Plants vs. Zombies addict, do updating my online shop (known by a few) in my mini offiice, inside my yellow bedroom with my pink hp mini and pink blackberry curve.  Guess what, both gadgets are sponsored by special individuals in my small circle.  

Even with my gadgets, I embed color coordination in my selection.  In my mini office, I am facing the wall, painted in yellow and decorated with wall stickers (still with the color pink) and photos that inspire me to do the best for my --- days. 

HP mini 110, thanks to my dad!  Pink Blackberry, thanks to my 'partner-in-crime', my soon to be business partner.  If not for them, I could not have the chance to get hold of these.  

Thanks to my special sponsors! lol.  But really, I thank them with deep sincerity.

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